How to make pleated Christmas hearts

This entry was posted December 20, 2019

Christmas is all about having a good time, "hygge" as we call it in Denmark A big part of this "hygge", or maybe Christmas spirit comes with decorating the house for Christmas. In Denmark, where Westpack is located, but also in Norway and the Nothern part of Germany, pleated Christmas hearts are a commonly made Christmas decoration. These heart-shaped cornets are traditionally Christmas ornaments, hung in the Christmas tree and stuffed with sweeties.

The exact age and origin of the tradition of making paper hearts are unknown, but the oldest known instructions for pleating Christmas hearts are from 1871. If you're up for it, we have made you a template and a guide, so you can fill your house with real Danish "hygge".

Print the template and follow the instructions.


You will need:

  • A printed template
  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • Paper in different colours (min. 2)


How to proceed:

Cut the printed template to size. Fold two pieces of coloured paper in half; preferably papers in different colours. Place your template with the short, flat side on the folded edge. Track this templace with your pencil onto your coloured paper. Repeat with the second colour paper. Pleat the two parts to form the heart.

If you have done it right, the folded version will form a cornet, to be filled with sweeties.

Does yours look like a car crash? Don't worry, the first one can be a bit tricky to do. Watch the video at the top of the article - and remember: practice makes perfect.

Enjoy - and Merry Christmas!

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