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This entry was posted October 24, 2017
Westpack Jewellery Displays

It is not just your beautiful products, the attractive prices, or your sunny personality, that draws customers into your shop.The experience of buying jewellery starts on the pavement outside your shop.

Every (e)shop-owner knows that customers love to be inspired and guided by experts. Your packaging and display tell the story of your brand and your jewellery.


Marketing manager at the Danish Westpack A/S, Kirsten Dahl Petersen knows a thing or two about today’s trends and fashion in the jewellery packaging and display industry.

Kirsten knows, that the eco-friendly look is all the rage at the moment. She states: “Natural materials signal a more eco-friendly choice, something that is important for many people”. She also states:

“Everything in white is ultra hot right now. Especially our display sets with blocks in different sizes are popular at the moment. They are perfect for creating height differences in your window display”.

With a sparkle in her eyes, Kirsten adds: “And we live in an age where anything goes – your window display included. The more personal you can make it look, the better it will perform.”


Tell the story

Anything goes gives you a lot of possibilities. “You don’t have to be afraid of using exciting and different looking decoration material. Think out of the box and be extravagant!”

People nowadays like to know where their products come from. Your jewellery display can help telling that story. Kirsten gives a couple of examples:

“Use decoration materials that complement the story behind the jewellery. Visit the forest and see if you can find a lovely wood stump to use for your natural jewellery. Amber jewellery goes well with sand and shells. Black velvet states high-end luxury.”

“The possibilities really are endless, just let your imagination set the limit and don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd”.



More and more of our customers use their packaging actively in their displays, and for good reason, Kirsten says: ”Our customers put great care into finding the perfect packaging, which, personalised with a logo, helps to brand the company and its personality in a display. “

Kirsten gives us a couple of examples ”If you selected eco-friendly jewellery boxes and linen pouches, including them in your display will make a green statement.”

“If you selected a luxurious white-lacquered box such as Berlin, your display will radiate elegance and style, whilst a brightly coloured jewellery box adds a splash of colour to your display.


Off to a good start

Westpack offers you jewellery displays in many different shapes, sizes, and materials. Combine the different items to create the display that fits your show and your jewellery best.

But why spend money on buying “real” jewellery displays? Kirsten explains: “We know that a large display set can be quite expensive, but good displays do last for many years. And maybe even more important, we test all our displays to make sure they do not cause silver jewellery to tarnish, so we can always guarantee you a 100% tarnish-free product”.

So get started and create the most beautiful display of the season, and add value to your jewellery and your shop. Remember our sales reps are happy to help you find the right products. Have fun!

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