Shopping List for Jewellers

This entry was posted December 4, 2018
Christmas Shopping List for Jewellers

It is the busiest time of the year and you probably have lots on your mind. Are you sure you have enough packaging and accessories stocked to get through the Christmas Rush?

We have made you a shopping list, with all the products that are good to have during this busy time. View the list and see if there is anything you missed:

Add your logo - e.g. on your wrapping.

A helping hand in making beautiful bows.

Shipment boxes
For your jewellery shipments.

So you can make lovely bows.

Perfect last-minute presents.

Pillow boxes
For a quick gift-wrap.

Luxury boxes
For jewellery storage

Ziplock bags
For jewellery storage

Carrier bags
Doubles as gift-bag. Can be personalised with logo

Price tags
To ensure you are prepared for the sales after Christmas.

Jewellery Cleaning Products
To make sure your jewellery shines irresistibly in your shop window.

Watch and jewellery cases
A lovely gift, ideal for resale in your shop.

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