Build-up your window display

This entry was posted October 24, 2019

The right individual elements make building up a showcase so much easier.

Creating a jewellery presentation isn't at all hard. Westpack's easy to use display system lets you create an eye-catching shop window or showcase. We would love to show you our tips and tricks for building a persuasive showcase that helps to sell your jewellery.

Must-have displays

When you need to build up a new showcase, we recommend using our display blocks and pedestals. These versatile elements can be stacked and turned precisely the way you prefer.

Use the blocks to create a height difference in your display and add individual jewellery holders on the different tiers. This makes your jewellery display more interesting to look at.

A simple selection of a few different jewellery blocks can go a long way, as they can be arranged in multiple ways. When you change your decoration material, you can move around the individual display blocks too, so that your display gets an entirely new look, with minimal effort. Mix and match as you see fit.

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We find that our customers are particularly happy with the wooden displays for their shop windows. The durable displays and holders provide the perfect canvas for your jewellery, as the neutral shapes don't steal focus from your jewellery. The wooden holders can be purchased in glossy black, glossy white, or dark stained wood.

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Build-up your window Jewellery Display
Build-up your window Jewellery Display
Build-up your window Jewellery Display
Build-up your window Jewellery Display



Put a price on your jewellery

Often, customers like to know the cost of an item. Make price marking easy and elegant by using Westpack's price cubes.

Use black price cubes with digits in white (two sizes available) or use luxury price cubes in either gold or silver coloured metal.

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In the end, you know best which displays you need for your collection. Sometimes, though, inspiration falls short for even the most creative of us. We recommend you take a look at our inspirational photo gallery, where we have gathered many ideas for creating a stunning window display.

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Do not hesitate to contact us, if ever you feel you need our advice!

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