Beautiful ribbons: bows for gift-wrapping and unboxing

This entry was posted September 6, 2021
Beautiful ribbons; tips and tricks for gift-wrapping and unboxing

We love gift-wrapping and ribbons that can make packaging look even more luxurious!

This fall, we have the pleasure of introducing several new wrapping papers and beautiful ribbons made from different materials. Furthermore, we have expanded our existing range of ribbons with several new colours.

Ribbons can be used in many different ways whether you sell your jewellery in a shop or through an online store. Ribbons are must-have items for wrapping gifts beautifully, and they help create excellent unboxing experiences for your online customers. A postal box, some tissue paper, and a beautiful ribbon is a great foundation for creating an unboxing experience, which makes your company stand out from the crowd - read more about Unboxing experiences here.

New ribbons for fall:

  •   Jute twine in new colours; brown, orange, and red
  •   Jute twine, 12 mm; grey, creme, natural white, red, and dark green
  •   Ribbons made from 100% cotton: White, Creme, red, light blue, and purple
  •   Ribbons in new colours; sand, pistachio, dark green, coral red, grey-blue, and light grey
  •   Woven ribbon made from recycled plastic; rose colour, burgundy, dark green, and black
  •   Woven ribbon with print; plain brown with white or black writing
  •   Net ribbon, 40 mm; gold and silver
  •   Ribbon made from wood pulp; black, silver, white, and rose colour

See all ribbons here >

Get the style: beautiful gift-wrapping

Below, you can find more inspiration for using the new ribbons We have combined the ribbons with our plain brown wrapping paper with golden dots - but we have flipped the wrapping paper so the solid-coloured side is facing out.

The voluminous bow

If you prefer an extravagant expression, a voluminous bow is the way to go. There are many different techniques for creating bows, but it is important to have great tools; we recommend a ribbon shredder and a Bowdabra!

When you make larger bows, you could select different types of ribbons to create a sense of structure - choose different colours to match the wrapping paper, or keep it simple and low-key by choosing just one colour.

The bow is incredibly decorative in itself, but you could also consider adding some gift toppers or a gift tag as a final touch!

Recommended ribbons plain ribbons, ribbons made of fabric (organza, woven, tulle, net etc.), ribbon with beads and so on.

Beautiful ribbons; tips and tricks for gift-wrapping and unboxing


Beautiful ribbons; tips and tricks for gift-wrapping and unboxing

The flat bow

If you are into the minimalist look, a flat bow can be an incredibly beautiful solution! Try to experiment and see if the ribbon should be tied around the gift several times before you tie it up in a bow.

You could also decorate it with a small, dried flower, a leaf, or a branch (pine, eucalyptus etc.), which will go well together with the low-key and natural look.

You will get an advantage by choosing a flat gift-wrapping: the package is incredibly easy to ship because it will not be crushed during transport - this it the perfect solution, if you offer to wrap your customer's online orders.

Recommended ribbons: jute twine, satin ribbon, and woven ribbon


The creative bow

You are only limited by your imagination - and perhaps busyness in your store. No matter what, ribbons are perfect for adding the final touch to the gift-wrapping.

We have created an example to illustrate how you can make a beautiful pattern using a range of ribbons interweaved with each other. You can attach the ribbons to the back of the gift with tape. Alternatively, you can tie the ends together.

The creative bows can be flat or voluminous - some are more time-consuming to make than others, but we are sure the recipient will like it either way!

Recommended ribbons: satin ribbon, woven ribbon, fabric ribbon

Beautiful ribbons; tips and tricks for gift-wrapping and unboxing
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