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  1. 30160190302
    Nice ECO Jewelry Box for Wedding Rings/Cufflinks
    Cream Croco Leatherette Cardboard/ White Foam
    67 x 45 x 35 mm.

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  2. 30160520302
    Nice ECO Jewelry Box for Ring
    Cream Croco Leatherette Cardboard/ White Foam
    47 x 52 x 39 mm.

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  3. 30160590102
    Nice ECO Jewelry Box for Bracelet
    Black Croco Leatherette Cardboard/ Black Insert
    227 x 50 x 26 mm.

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    Milano ECO Jewelry Box Wedding Rings/ Cufflinks Rose Soft-Touch Cardboard / Rose Foam 67 x 46 x 35
    Milano ECO Jewelry Box Wedding Rings/ Cufflinks
    Rose Soft-Touch Cardboard / Rose Foam
    67 x 46 x 35 mm.

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  5. 30190520342
    Milano ECO Jewelry Box for Ring
    Rose Soft-Touch Cardboard / Rose Foam
    47 x 52 x 39 mm.

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  6. 30190680302
    Milano ECO Jewelry Box Drop Earrings/ Pendant
    White Soft-Touch Cardboard/White Foam
    65 x 70 x 27 mm.

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  7. 30280000302
    Boston ECO Jewelry Box for Ring
    Grainy White Cardboard / White-Black Foam
    50 x 50 x 32 mm.

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  8. 30350040342
    London ECO Jewelry Box for Drop Earrings/Pendant
    Rose Soft-Touch Cardboard/ Rose Foam
    65 x 65 x 25 mm.

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  9. 32721110700
    FSC® Certified Tissue paper, chloride & acid free
    Blue / 480 sheets
    700 x 500 mm.

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  10. 30286940302
    Frankfurt ECO Jewelry Box Drop Earrings/ Pendant
    Grainy White Cardboard / Without Insert
    65 x 65 x 17 mm.

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    Boston Open ECO Jewelry Box for Earrings / Studs Matt Black FSC®-certified / rPET Window/Black Foam 50 x 50 x 20
    Boston Open ECO Jewelry Box for Earrings / Studs
    Matt Black FSC®-certified / rPET Window/Black Foam
    50 x 50 x 20 mm.

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    Boston Open ECO Jewelry Box for Earrings / Studs Matt White FSC®-certified / rPET Window/White Foam 50 x 50 x 20
    Boston Open ECO Jewelry Box for Earrings / Studs
    Matt White FSC®-certified / rPET Window/White Foam
    50 x 50 x 20 mm.

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High-end, personalized jewelry boxes for your brand

What is the right jewelry packaging for your company?

In many ways, jewelry is the perfect gift. You take your time - you visit shops or online stores before you make a decision - and you finally pick the item that best reflects the special bond you share with the recipient.

As a jewelry designer, your choice of jewelry packaging should reflect this. At Westpack, you can choose from a wide range of products. We have cardboard jewelry boxes, wooden jewelry boxes, leatherette jewelry boxes, and much more. On top of that, you can choose from many different sizes and colors.

It is quick and easy to order your jewelry boxes with your own logo at You are only a few clicks away from having ordered your very own branded jewelry packaging. And our MOQs (minimum order quantities) are unusually low. We are talking 24 boxes for some series. You won’t find that offer at many other packaging companies.

Branded packaging is the surefire way to showcase your jewelry in the elegant way it deserves. This category is meant to provide you with an overview of our jewelry gift box series. All the way from our time-honored plastic boxes to our voguish cardboard boxes - not to mention our stylish leatherette boxes and high-end wooden boxes.

Each box series has its own unique aesthetic - and you can find packaging for a wide range of purposes. Some boxes lend themselves to be used for rings or earrings, while others are suitable for bracelets and necklaces. In some series, you can also find boxes for engagement rings, cufflinks, watches, etc.

If you are searching for jewelry gift boxes for a specific kind of jewelry, we have divided our boxes into categories depending on type:


Would you like to buy personalized jewelry boxes in bulk? You can purchase many of our popular box series in bulk at bargain prices. The only thing to keep in mind is that the delivery time is longer than for normal orders.

See all bulk buy boxes here >

Eco-friendly jewelry packaging

Is your brand on the lookout for eco-friendly jewelry packaging? A larger portion of our box series is made from eco-friendly materials. Many of our products are made from FSC®-certified paper or cardboard, water-based glue, and recycled materials - for example, rPET (recycled plastic).

You can find all our ECO jewelry gift boxes here. Each product page will tell you about the materials and eco-friendly initiatives that are involved. In order to highlight the eco-friendly choice, we have created Westpack's own ECO mark. A product can only get this mark if it lives up to some specific criteria.

Did you know that Westpack has made custom jewelry packaging for more than 60 years? Many of our boxes are still made in our Danish factory! This means that we can give our customers versatile solutions and often shorter delivery times.

Read about our jewelry boxes produced in Denmark >

Jewelry packaging boxes for shipment

Lately, there has been a great demand for extra flat jewelry boxes. This is a consequence of the fact that more brands are selling jewelry online. Luckily, our specially-designed jewelry boxes for shipment have a height of a maximum of 20mm - this means that they can be delivered as large letters!

Besides being extra flat, the boxes are solidly constructed, which helps protect the jewelry during transport. In addition to our shipping boxes, we also carry a wide range of e-commerce packaging, including postal boxes, postal bags as well as envelopes, and accessories/tools for wrapping.

Branded jewelry boxes with hot foil stamping

The vast majority of our jewelry boxes can be branded with your logo. This is an incredible branding opportunity! The technique is called "hot stamping," using a beautiful foil to form your logo. The foil we use for branding your boxes is available in a broad palette of colors - read more about logo print here.

Your jewelry boxes can be personalized in the exact way you want - we offer to print your logo, your company name, website address, etc. All you have to provide is the graphic material (logo or artwork) when you place your order for branded boxes.

Do you have any questions about ordering, logo printing, or selecting the perfect box? Then feel free to contact our sales department today.

Anti tarnish jewelry boxes

You have probably experienced your sterling silver jewelry getting a dull black discoloration. It is not harmful and is removable with the right cleaning products. But it would be nice to know how to avoid it, right?

The discoloration is called "Tarnish". It is a chemical reaction - oxidation - that happens to the silver when it gets in contact with sulfur-containing substances in the air. It is not completely possible to avoid the tarnish process, but you can do a few things to slow it down.

First of all, don't store your jewelry out in the open, in a drawer, or even in your jewelry boxes or pouches. Protect your jewelry from the air by storing them in small air-tight zip-lock plastic bags. They are practical, and they will slow down the process.

When you sell your jewelry, you can, of course, put them in a beautiful jewelry box or jewelry pouch - because, let's face it. The zip-lock bags are not pretty, and they don't represent your brand in a nice way! Just make sure to buy tarnish-tested packaging.

At Westpack, we have 60+ years of experience with packaging and have tested countless materials throughout the years, so we know exactly which materials to use - and not to use to avoid accelerating the tarnishing process.

Anti-tarnish jewelry boxes, or tarnish-free jewelry boxes as they are also called, provide the best conditions for your jewelry. We have our own testing facilities to ensure that our packaging does not contain any tarnish accelerating chemicals, and we regularly test to ensure all our products live up to our high-quality standards.

We test our products because we know it is a big deal for you as a jewelry designer and/or jewelry store owner if your jewelry is tarnishing. Because even though it can be removed, it is a time-consuming process to polish every single piece.

You can read more about tarnish-free packaging here.

How much does jewelry packaging cost?

No matter if you are a brand new jewelry designer or a well-established jewelry brand that has been around for ages, you can order your packaging at We offer low minimum order quantities and a very large assortment of jewelry gift boxes that matches any budget.

High-cost jewelry packaging

Your very expensive, high-end jewelry needs packaging that reflects it. If you need high-end packaging, you should take a look at some of our luxury jewelry boxes, like our wooden box-series Berlin ECO and Montreal ECO, or maybe you prefer a soft-touch surface like our Madrid boxes.

Our luxury jewelry gift boxes are beautiful and very sophisticated and can, of course, be printed with your logo.

Medium-cost jewelry packaging

Looking for something in-between low and high-cost packaging? We have several options, especially in our cardboard box ranges. Here you can choose affordable, fashionable jewelry boxes in many colors, styles, shapes, and sizes.

If you want something else than just a regular square box, you should take a look at one of our most popular box series. It is called Stockholm ECO and what makes it special, is the matchbox design - it has a little drawer instead of a classic lift-off lid.

Other series that stands out from the crowd is our Baltimore that comes with a soft velour surface, our Miami ECO with a graphic cut, and the Milano ECO series that is closed by a hidden magnet.

Low-cost jewelry packaging

Choose our cheaper and more affordable jewelry boxes like our classic plastic jewelry boxes Torino and Seville. These boxes have been in our assortment for ages, yet they are still very popular!

If you prefer a box made of cardboard and paper, you should take a look at our Santiago or Boston ranges. These series have a very straightforward and classic look, and you can find them in many beautiful colors.

Jewelry boxes for Etsy sellers

Do you sell your jewelry on Etsy? Many of our customers do! You can find suitable Etsy jewelry boxes at - we have a wide assortment of jewelry boxes e.g. our extra slim and very sturdy box series called Amsterdam and Frankfurt, which is designed for shipping jewelry around the world.

What kind of packaging do you need for an Etsy shop?

Your Etsy packaging should not only be practical and cost-effective. It also needs to be protective since you will have to ship your online orders to your customers. We all know what a pity it is to receive a damaged product, and let's face it: it is really a waste of time for both you as a seller and for your customer!

What we would recommend for your Etsy shop is:

  1. E-commerce packaging like a postal box, shipping bag, or a bubble mailer as an outer packaging
  2. Protective void filler like tissue paper, corrugated paper, bubble wrapping, or kraft paper
  3. A sturdy jewelry box - we recommend our Amsterdam or Frankfurt series; they are slim enough to get through most mailboxes. The rest of our boxes can be shipped as a regular package.

As a finishing touch, you can consider adding a small greeting card, a "Thank you" card, instructions for use/care, or maybe even a voucher. This can take the unboxing experience to the next level - it is memorable and we are sure your customers will appreciate it.

We ship worldwide!

Are you based in the US? Or perhaps Canada, Australia, or New Zealand? No problem. We deliver personalized jewelry packaging to customers all over the world. 

We ship all orders from Denmark, and the transit time depends on where you are based - read more about delivery time and freight prices here, where you can see an indication of the number of working days it takes for your order to arrive after dispatch.

Everything you need for your store

Jewelry organizers & displays

Present your luxury jewelry in style with display blocks and trays for organizing. 

Our display blocks and jewelry stands are great for creating eye-catching exhibitions in your windows and can be combined in countless ways - you can get display blocks and stands in many different sizes, colors, and styles.

Inside your store, you can organize and present your jewelry in our jewelry trays. Our trays can be used for both storage, transport, and presentation, and they are great on the shelves of your glass shop counters. We offer a wide range of jewelry organizing trays in different colors and materials as well as various types of interiors with cuts, hooks, partitions, and pillows, depending on the jewelry you sell.

Do you want to offer jewelry organizers for your customers? Then, we offer an assortment of quality jewelry cases that are perfect for the personal jewelry collection - and a great additional sales item for you!

Jewelry packaging FAQ

Can I order jewelry boxes with my own logo?

Yes! It’s easier than you think to order jewelry boxes with your company logo. The first step is to find the jewelry box you want in our online store. Then, as you place your order, you upload your company logo. Finally, approve the logo proof we send to you. And that’s it! After this, w brand and ship your packaging, and all you have to do is wait for a couple of business days – and you will receive your very own branded jewelry packaging.

Where to buy a jewelry gift box? offers many different jewelry gift boxes. You are sure to find the right fit for your jewelry pieces. Westpack is one of the few suppliers that provide hot stamp logo print, also known as foil printing. The printing is done by hand and gives an impressive, professional look.

How to package handmade jewelry?

You can package handmade jewelry in many different ways. Jewelry boxes are a popular choice, but jewelry pouches are also much-used. The important thing to remember is to select packaging that doesn’t cause tarnish. All of Westpack’s packaging is tested for tarnish.

Can you recycle jewelry boxes?

Yes, you can recycle many types of jewelry boxes. Cardboard boxes especially lend themselves to being recycled. Plastic jewelry boxes, wooden boxes, and leatherette boxes can also be recycled, although they may need to be disassembled first.

Where can I buy packaging for my jewelry business?

Several businesses offer packaging for jewelry businesses. Westpack is one of the major packaging suppliers for the jewelry, watch, and eyewear industry. We are trusted by thousands of returning customers.

How to Personalize Jewelry Boxes?

At Westpack, it is easy to personalize your jewelry boxes. You simply upload your logo when you place your order and wait for the logo proof. Once you approve this, no more actions are required.

Where can I get customized jewelry boxes?

Westpack is one of the most trusted suppliers of packaging for jewelry businesses. At, you can order branded boxes as well as customized boxes made to your exact specifications.

How to gift wrap a box?

It is easy to make a beautiful gift wrapping. Pick a suitable wrapping paper, a matching ribbon, and perhaps some gift-toppers – and then you are all set. At, you can find a wide range of wrapping papers, ribbons, and gift-toppers, and in our Inspirational Gallery, you can find tips and tricks for wrapping up gifts.

Are Westpack’s jewelry boxes eco-friendly?

Yes, many of them are. We have our own eco-friendly mark, which is given to products that have certain properties. For example, recyclable cardboard boxes made from FSC® certified raw materials.

Do you deliver within the US?

Westpack offers quick delivery to the US. In fact, delivery only takes a handful of business days. This is quite extraordinary, seeing how Westpack is based in Denmark. All customs and paperwork will be taken care of - don't worry about it.

FSC® is the mark of responsible forestry.
Our FSC licence number is FSC®C112509.

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