Square. Practical. Brilliant.

This entry was posted October 11, 2018
Jewellery Trays: Square. Practical. Brilliant.

Square jewellery trays are ingenious and offer elegant storage and display of your jewellery at a reasonable price. This autumn, we are launching a brand new collection of square trays.

According to sales manager Henrik Hansen, the key words are quality and flexibility. "We want to improve quality and to make the process of buying trays from Westpack even more flexible."

Quality and flexibility

He continues, "We have emphasised quality, and we have changed the lining of the inserts from artificial leather to soft velour. This upgrade really works well with these beautiful glossy wooden trays." Beyond this, we have also focused on flexibility: there are additional types of inserts, and it is easy to replace them and to fit the inserts perfectly into both square and light-weight trays.

Grey is beautiful

Not only are there additional types of inserts, a new colour has also been added. "We have decided to introduce light-grey inserts for the square jewellery trays. The light-grey underlay presents the jewellery beautifully, and the white tray with light-grey inserts has been particularly in demand."

The exterior trays are still in white or black glossy wood because, as Henrik says, "White and black are timeless colours that never go out of fashion." Both black and white are beautiful and exclusive in glossy; they are modern and classic at the same time and very popular – also for displays and exhibitions

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New size

The new square jewellery trays are 5 mm larger than the current square trays. And there is one simple reason for this: The insert needs to fit the light-weight trays. "You can easily change your inserts from the new square trays to the light-weight trays. This gives you the flexibility of using the same look in the shop and on the go."

Naturally, all trays are tarnish tested.

The trays still fit our transport bag, while the cabinet has been released in a new version to fit these trays.

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The "old" square trays will be discontinued when out of stock. Contact the sales department to learn more.

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