Logo Branding - Your guide to personalised jewellery boxes, bags and pouches.

Off the shelf packaging with logo

Here's How It Works

We've made it easy to order packaging for jewellery, watches, and eyewear with your logo printed in gold, silver, or one of our many other colours.

We ensure your brand exudes exclusivity

Our extensive range of standard items can be easily ordered and customized on our website:

  1. Find the item you want and upload your logo. The majority of the products we sell online, including jewellery boxes, e-commerce packaging, bags, and much more, can be personalised with printing such as your logo or text.
  2. Once we receive your order, our experienced graphic designers check the quality of your logo. If we determine that the final result won't be perfect, we'll contact you and offer to redraw your logo completely free of charge. After that, you'll receive an approval email, where you can see both the placement and size of the purchased product. Once you've approved, we'll start producing your order within a few days.


  • No start-up costs - free cliché on your first order
  • Our designers ensure your logo appears perfect
  • Logo printing is included in the price of all jewellery boxes
  • Unique products with short delivery times

Hot Foil Printing - a Luxurious Expression for Your Packaging

We use foil printing to imprint your logo. We believe that this printing technique ensures the most beautiful integration between product and box.

Foil printing is done by heating the metal plate (cliché) with the logo and pressing it against the product. Between the cliché and the product, foil in the desired colour is placed, and the heat from the cliché gently presses the logo into the surface of the product, leaving foil in the small recess. If logo printing without foil is chosen, the logo will simply be pressed into the product.

This printing technique is particularly good for metallic colours, but unfortunately, there are also a few limitations: very small details and large areas are difficult to print.

If you're unsure whether your logo can be printed, feel free to contact our sales department; they are experts in logo printing and can guide you through the entire process.

Get inspired

Visit our galleries and be inspired by our customers' examples of our off-the-shelf items with logo printing

Can my logo be printed in multiple colours?

Many of our products can be branded in multiple colours, at a surcharge. This surcharge is added for each extra colour or each extra print.

The following items can be personalised with a multicolour logo:

  • Jewellery boxes
  • Folding boxes
  • Carrier bags, size XL


A multi-colour print is possible if the colours are not interrelated or require alignment. With a two-colour print, the box/bag is passed through the printer twice. In these circumstances, perfect re-alignment may not be achievable.

Can be printed

The colours are not interrelated so that this logo can be printed

Gradients cannot be printed

Shadows cannot be printed

Full-colour prints, such as photos and pictures, cannot be printed

Meet our customers

Explore our customer cases and see examples of how our standard products can be transformed into personalised packaging solutions with a beautiful logo print.

Which colours can I choose from?

Westpack can brand your products in several different colours. The colours are illustrated below on both a black and a white surface.

Metallic Gold

Metallic Silver

Met. Rose Gold / Copper

Metallic Red

Metallic Blue

Metallic Magenta

Metallic Purple

Metallic Orange

Metallic Mint

Debossed w/o foil

Transparent foil


Glossy Black

Glossy Pink

Glossy Brown

Mint Green

Lime Green

Dark Green

Grass Green



Dark Blue

Matt Black

Matt Blue

Old Rose

Matt Yellow


Metallic Gold

Metallic Silver

Metallic Kobber

Metallic Rød

Metallic Blå

Metallic Pink

Metallic Lilla

Metallic Orange

Metallic Mint

Debossed w/ofoil

Transparent foil


Blank Sort

Glossy Pink

Blank Brun

Blank Mint






Dark Blue

Mat Sort

Mat Blå


Perlemorsrosa *

Mat Gul


*Light print colours can pose a challenge when they are printed on darker surfaces. A dark surface can make the print colour change tone and look quite different. That is why you can only select the pearl rose print on boxes in light colours, such as white and ivory.

Logo Print - FAQ

  • What is a cliché?

    A cliché is a metal stamp with your logo, required for the branding of your products. You need one cliché for each size of logo you require. If more of your products are branded with the same size logo, you only need one cliché, provided the cliché can be used for this product.

    Standard clichés are £ 30 per piece (aluminium)

    Clichés for plastic bags, cost more and are not included in the introductory offer. Note that our sales reps will inform you of the added cost before ordering them.

  • Which type of file do I need to provide?

    We prefer receiving your logo or artwork in vector format (AI/ EPS), to ensure the highest print quality. We can, however, work with most other files too. Image files such as JPG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, and even PDF or Word documents do not pose much of a problem, provided that you upload a file in a high resolution (large image). If you upload a logo of poor quality, a lot of work goes into recreating the logo in a quality appropriate for printing. If you upload a non-vector file with a type font that our graphic designers do not have, we may require a different file, or we may have to change the type font.

  • What is a vector file?

    A vector file is a graphic display of an image that uses mathematical principles such as points, lines, curves, etc., to describe the size of the logo, and the distance and ratio between the different parts of the logo.

    For example, we take a logo that contains a circle. The vector file contains exact information regarding the size of the circle in relation to any text, the angle of the curves, the placement of the text in the circle, etc. The size of both items is not absolute, only the ratio between the two. This means that the file can be expanded endlessly, without having consequences for the resolution and thus quality.

    The counterpart of a vector file is a raster file or pixel file.


    The image above illustrates the difference between a vector file (left) and a pixel file (right). As you can see, the enlargement of the left circle has no consequences at all for the quality of the circle. Contrary to the right circle, which has its quality greatly reduced by this enlargement.

  • How large will my logo be?

    If you have provided no other information, we assume you want us to brand your packaging with a logo in one of our two standard sizes. We advise you to order these standard sizes of clichés, as they can be used for most products. Our two standard sizes are 28 x 25 mm, used for small packaging such as boxes for rings or earrings, and a 38 x 35 mm cliché used for all other boxes.

    Naturally, it is possible use different sizes, i.e. a bigger cliché for necklace boxes or bags. The size of your logo can only be adjusted by ordering a new cliché in the desired size. Our sales department can provide you with more information.

  • Where will my logo be placed?

    For most products, there are several possibilities for the placement of your logo on our products.

    By default, the logos will be printed in the middle of the lid of the jewellery box. However, the placement of the logo can vary, depending on the jewellery box. Most photos on the website have printed boxes on them, where the position of the Westpack logo can be used as a reference for the default placement.

    We can also brand your boxes off-centre, for example in the lower left corner, or close to the edge. There are some limitations to the possibilities though, depending on the model, box size and logo size. We advise you to contact our sales department for more information about the possibilities.

    Please note that a special cliché needs to be ordered for every box size, even if the different sized boxes are printed with a same sized logo.

  • Can my boxes be printed off-centre?

    We can print your boxes off-centre, for example in the lower left corner, or close to the edge. There are some limitations to the possibilities though, depending on the model, box size and logo size. We advise you to contact our sales department for more information about the possibilities.

    Please note that a special cliché needs to be ordered for every box size, even if the different sized boxes are printed with a same sized logo.

  • What are the costs?

    Most jewellery boxes can be personalised with a logo, at no extra charge. For branding on folding boxes (flat pack), jewellery pouches, and carrier bags, a surcharge may be added.

    The costs for the clichés, the printing stamps, are one-off. We can re-use the clichés for re-orders, provided the clichés can be used for the products that you order.

    Standard clichés are £ 30 per piece (aluminium). As an introductory offer, you receive all the clichés in standard sizes, required for your first order, free of charge.
    Clichés for plastic bags do not follow the pricing structure above and are not covered by the introductory offer. Our sales reps can tell you more.

  • Process

    After we have received your artwork, our graphic designers will make a digital proof copy for you.
    After the proof copy has been accepted, your samples will be dispatched within approximately a week.

    The cliché(s) will not be ordered until after the proof copy has been accepted.

    If you do not have a vector logo or artwork in the correct file format we can help; we can re-create your designs into the correct format.

  • Which clichés do I need?

    Usually, the clichés made for jewellery boxes are interchangeable with clichés for carrier bags, jewellery pouches and gift-cards, provided that they fit on the ordered product.

    For labels, plastic bags, repair bags, tissue paper and satin ribbon with print, separate clichés will need to be ordered.

    Special clichés

    Some products require special printing clichés. Special clichés are often not interchangeable and can only be used for the specific product you order.

    When you order plastic carrier bags branded with your logo, a special cliché needs to be made before production.

    What do these clichés cost?

    Special clichés are not included in our introductory offer. The costs for these special clichés are one-off and only apply to your first order of this product. We store your clichés for any re-orders you may place, exactly as we do with the clichés for your boxes.

    Cliché-costs for plastic bags depend on the size of the bag you order. All prices are available in the shop for the specific product.

    Bag SizePrice per clichéPrint Area
    Small (180 x 250 mm)£ 154100 x 150 mm
    Medium (250 x 350 mm)£ 208200 x 250 mm
    Large (350 x 450 mm)£ 218300 x 350 mm

    If your print is larger than the listed print area, the costs for the clichés may increase. For print in multiple colours, each of the colours will require a separate cliché.

  • How long does it take?

    As a rule of thumb, your products will be dispatched within a week of accepting the proof copy, provided the approval has been received on a workday, and the products are in stock.

    Our sales department will always confirm the expected dispatch date of a final order confirmation.