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This entry was posted April 13, 2018
What is the difference: Santiago VS Boston Jewellery Boxes

Santiago and Boston jewellery boxes appear to be quite similar at first glance. They are, after all, the same size and both have a lift-off lid. If can be difficult to see what the difference between these boxes is with the available pictures online. So, what is the difference between the two?

Both Santiago and Boston are two popular series of jewellery packaging, of which we sell thousands of boxes each month. The difference between the two boxes can be found in the finish.

The paper finish

Santiago boxes are coated with lacquered, smooth paper with a satin gloss finish. The boxes are available in three colours; black, white, and light rose.

Boston boxes, on the other hand, are coated with solid Kraft paper that has completely different properties. The Boston boxes are available in three different types of Kraft paper. Some boxes have a smooth finish (black, mint, and rose) while others are coated with paper with a linen-look (grey, blue, white, and red). The pearl ivory boxes are coated with a smooth paper with pearl sheen.

The look

In other words, Boston boxes have a rustic and natural look, while Santiago’s slick and silky finish gives the boxes a more delicate look, especially with the lighter colours.

The price

Santiago boxes are inexpensive and are especially suited for your jewellery in the lower price segments, such as silver items and cheaper jewellery, which is why you can find them in our segment of Budget Jewellery Boxes.

Boston boxes are also favourably priced, though are not as good as Santiago. Boston boxes can typically be used for all kinds and types of jewellery, partly because of the many available models, and have a slightly more luxurious appearance.

Best of both

Both Santiago and Boston can be branded with your logo, which costs nothing extra. Both series of packaging can be delivered very quickly. We dispatch branded boxes within just 2 workdays! Note though that if you order the boxes with a new logo, the delivery time is extended by a week, because we first need to order the tools required for printing the boxes with your logo. Tools that are, incidentally, also free of charge if you are a first-time customer.


You can easily order a sample of both boxes online.

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