Are you ready for Black Friday?

This entry was posted October 4, 2023
Are you ready for Black Friday? Packaging Tips!

Great tips for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

The numbers don't lie: Every year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday paves the way for record-breaking sales! Are you ready to take part in the Black Friday sale?

To some, it's a marvelous day. To others, it's just something that you do to go with the flow. No matter what, you can't deny: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are here to stay. And the two days are just around the corner. So perhaps now is a good time to ask yourself: "Do I have enough packaging?" "Do I want to upgrade or try something new?" We are ready to help you find the perfect packaging solution for your company!

In the following, we give you five great packaging tips - not just for here and now, but also for the upcoming Christmas sales.


1. Use your packaging to create a wow-effect

Packaging is an obvious but often overlooked opportunity for marketing and branding. No matter if you sell your jewellery online or in a physical store, you can use packaging strategically. Create a wow-effect by printing a fun message, a greeting or your logo on a carrier bag or on your packaging for shipment.

Another way to stand out is by choosing a stylish colour for your packaging. For example, have you seen our postal boxes in black and rose colour? Most people are familiar with the look of plain brown postal boxes and cardboard boxes from the parcel shop, but as soon as the packaging has a different colour, it is really noticeable!

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Are you ready for Black Friday? Packaging Tips!

2. Optimize your packaging for shipment

Preparing all the orders from Black Friday can be a very time-consuming task. You can make it easier for yourself and your employees by choosing packaging that is self-sealing.

We have self-sealing bags and envelopes for shipment. Our postal boxes are delivered plano, but they are easily assembled and sealed using the wings or adhesive strips - which means that you don't have to use a tape gun!

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Are you ready for Black Friday? Packaging Tips!

3. Wrap the presents for your customer

More and more people are buying their Christmas presents on Black Friday. Do you offer to wrap the presents? It is a nice service to offer in your shop, but also in your online store.

Wrap the gifts nicely in some beautiful wrapping paper, make an eye-catching bow with different kinds of ribbons - here, the ribbon shredder and the Bowdabra are must-haves!

If you want to offer easy wrapping of the gifts, you can also add a shipping bag and some gift toppers to the shipment so the customer can wrap the presents at home.

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Are you ready for Black Friday? Packaging Tips!

4. Think about additional sales

Chances are that you have a discount for Black Friday. So, if you still want a sizable profit, you could think about additional sales. This can be done online as well as in physical stores. Do you sell complimentary goods?

It could be a jewellery case or a presentation box for watches. You can also have a dialog with your customer about how they can take care of the jewellery - with cleaning products and so on.

Perhaps you sell ear studs? Most of us have lost an ear stud at some point due to a lock failure - what a shame! We have the ultimate secure locks for earrings in our store. The lock is called LOX and it is available in both gold and silver.

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Are you ready for Black Friday? Packaging Tips!

5. Surprice your customer

Unboxing ... Yes, we know - we say it all the time! But can it really be said enough? Nope. Give your customers an unboxing experience when they buy from your shop or your online store.

A great unboxing experience begins with great packaging and wrapping. We will take a wild guess and assume that you either hand your customer a carrier bag in your shop or send a postal box from your online store. In both cases, you can easily create an unboxing experience by adding some tissue paper and a ribbon!

Surprice your customer with a small present. It could be a piece of chocolate, a couple of sweets or a promotional code. Complete the unboxing experience by adding a small greeting in the form of a thank you card or a personal message.

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Are you ready for Black Friday? Packaging Tips!
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