Level-up your unboxing game with these 5 tips

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We all know it: in the experience economy, unboxing matters. Are you satisfied with your brand’s current unboxing experience, or do you have a hunch that it could be optimized? No matter what, we proudly present our guide that has the potential to lift your unboxing game into the stratosphere!

1 Layer-upon-layer experience

Just as with Danish pastries, it is all about the layers, when we are talking unboxing experiences. Let’s go through some of the elements you can use to build up anticipation:

  • • A wide ribbon: Tie an elegant bow around the postal box using one of these stunning ribbons. This will give it a present-like appearance.
  • • Label: You can seal the shipping box with a label to demonstrate that it has not been opened after dispatch.
  • • Thank you card: When the customer opens the postal box, she will be greeted by a lovely Thank You card. You can write this by hand, or you can order these postcards with digital print.
  • • Tissue Paper: This is a classic choice if you use shipping boxes. See our assortment here!
  • • Jewellery box: We must not forget about this very important element! Go ahead and explore our range – we promise to wait for you here.
Postæske til forsendelse af online ordrer

2 Surprising elements

Apart from the various layers of the unboxing experience, you could also add some small surprises. It could be a voucher for the customer’s next purchase or a small present like a pencil or a small bag of sweets. But it could also be something more simple like a postcard with digital print. These could go very well together with our double self-sealing shipping bags.

If you want to go above and beyond:

If your business model is based on making jewellery by hand using valuable materials, and if the pieces fall into the high-end category, you could also choose to scale up the unboxing experience to an even higher level. Here are some ideas for top-tier surprises:

  • • A Polaroid photo of your studio or workbench – to show the customer where the piece was made.
  • • A hand-drawn sketch of the jewellery – to serve as a collector’s item
  • • A branded polishing cloth – for that high-end feel

3 Branding on the inside of the postal box

Place your logo and perhaps your slogan inside the postal box’ lid to highlight the professional feel. You could also print a message that refers to the jewellery, like:

“Warning: May cause sudden bursts of confidence and sassy comebacks. Wear with caution.”

It is possible to print our postal boxes on either side of the lid – or both!

Postæske til forsendelse af online ordrer

4 Personal greeting

We have already mentioned the idea of including a thank you note. This really shows the customer that you appreciate their support of your work. Here are some suggestions for what you could write:

"I hope this piece brings as much joy to you as I felt creating it!"

"In this vast universe of choices, thank you for choosing my design. It means the world to me."

"Once again, you've made my day. Thank you for continuing to support my passion!"

5 Sharing on social media

Unboxing and social media go together like tea and biscuits. Why not encourage your customers to share their unboxing experience on Instagram? All you need to do is include a relevant hashtag or @tag. You could, for example, have one of these messages printed on a card or on the inside of the postal box:

"Go on, peek inside... then dive deeper with us on Facebook at [@YourBrandName]."

"For daily doses of elegance and inspiration, check out our Instagram [@YourBrandName]."

"Rumor has it, there's a party you're missing. Join the jewel jamboree at [@YourBrandName]."

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