Lightweight Jewellery Trays

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Lightweight Jewellery Trays for your store

Lightweight jewellery trays allow you to transport your jewellery collection in a hassle-free, effortless way.

These extra light jewellery trays are available in three different sizes and four heights. The inserts are interchangeable to a high degree. Therefore, if you require a tray with a different layout, you simply swap the inserts around, without having to replace the entire tray. It also means that you can easily replace damaged or worn out parts, or parts with a pesky stain that will not be removed.

Practical storage with an ingenious design

If you are a travelling sales rep, these trays are perfect for you, as they offer room for a great many different kinds of jewellery. The trays are ideal when you, for example, visit customers in their shop, or participate in a trade show and have to haul your entire jewellery collection to an exhibition centre.

But even if you don’t travel around the country with a collection, these trays could be useful for you. The beautiful, clean design and many versatile inserts make the trays suitable for presentation and storage of your collection.

If you flip the tray over, you might notice the 2mm thick EVA foam layer. This layer ensures that you can stack your trays without them wobbling. It also protects any surface on which you then place the tray, as well as preventing your jewellery from scratching when the trays are piled.

The partition and pillows are made to order in our factory in Denmark and assembled by hand. Place your order online, and we dispatch your trays within five workdays!

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Easy Carry-on

Naturally, we also sell travel cases for our trays. True to the concept, these travel cases are lightweight and easy to use. The travel case has a drop-front, granting easy access to your trays. The cases don’t set slots, so you can freely pile trays in different sizes and heights, allowing you to effortlessly adapt the contents of your travel case if so desired.

Number of trays per suitcase

The travel cases are wide enough to fit three small trays, two medium trays or one large tray, per layer. As the trays have different heights, depending on the insert you choose, it is hard to say exactly how many layers of trays will fit in each travel case.

We can give you an indication of how many layers of trays you can fit, in the hypothetical situation that you only use trays in one height.

For the large case and the large case on wheels:

  Height 3 (32 mm) Height 2 (28 mm) Height 1 (18 mm)
Large tray 11 13 20
Medium tray 22 26 40
Small tray 33 29 60


The small case has a reduced height and can therefore fit fewer layers:

  Height 3 (32 mm) Height 2 (28 mm) Height 1 (18 mm)
Large tray 7 8 13
Medium tray 14 16 26
Small tray 21 24 29


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