If your gifts have to be sent...

This entry was posted November 9, 2018

Which way should your gifts be received? It's your choice!

Your beautiful gift wrapping should arrive in perfect condition. When you hand the gift over in your store, your customer will bring the gift home safely. But when the gift is sent by mail, it might be a different story.

Quality from the inside out

Your jewellery deserves to be presented beautifully - therefore you need packaging that protects and highlight your jewellery. Choose one of our shipment boxes - it's robust and the height is practical low. Brand the boxes with your logo so everyone can see where the lovely gift was bought.

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A flat gift wrapping!

Even though the jewellery is sent by mail, you can still wrap the gift beautifully. The perfect wrapping makes the perfect gift, and it can help your online shop differ from others - or you can use gift bags, ribbon and gift toppers for upselling.

Learn how to make beautiful wrappings for shipment boxes and gifts.

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