Christmas in Your Window

This entry was posted October 15, 2018

Spread the spirit of Christmas in your window display using simple effects. Wood, poinsettias, spruce and soft cushion displays. Then you are off to a good start with the creation of your Christmas displays.

It sounds easy – and so it is. With the right displays, it is easy to change the look according to season.

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Nature in your Christmas displays

Nature is still a hit! We encourage you to bring nature into your shop to set the scene. We are crazy about wood; the warm glow and the sense of living makes this material very nice to decorate with. Wood brings atmosphere, nature and life to your display.

Create a beautiful contrast by combining raw and natural materials with the delicate elegance of your jewellery.


But how?

Do you want to incorporate nature in your window display? An outing to a nearby forest is always recommendable.

Branches and logs are beautiful and make unpolished contrasts to fine jewellery. It can be rather challenging to bring wonderful decoration from the forest into your shop, as it is also the home of moist and small insects. We have a few pointers for you on how to avoid this:

TIP! Let It Dry
If you collect wooden material from the forest, let it dry indoors for a longer period of time, before using it in your decorations.

TIP! Artificial Nature
Artificial plants and branches can be used to avoid withering spruce needles as well as the moving in of the tiny inhabitants from the forest. The quality of artificial decoration is often very high and provides the finishing touch to the display.


Simple or all in?

Light, dark, plain or contrasts? There are many ways to create attention. A simple uni-coloured display setting enhances each piece of jewellery, making it the centerpiece of your display. On the other hand, a colourful display is excellent to attract attention.

Consider which story you want to tell with your display, and which signals you want to send.

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TIP! Use Wrapped Gifts
Your Christmas giftwrapping is a decorative background and really helps to create Christmas spirit.

Choose your display

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Acryllic: Transparent displays are modern classics matching really well with all other display materials. The see-through items add a unique dimension to your display. See all items >

TIP! Avoid Tarnish
Place your jewellery directly on the jewellery displays; never on the decoration. All display material from Westpack is tarnish tested and designed especially for jewellery.

Buy the whole look?

We have made it easy for you to create your own window display. In ”Buy the whole look” we have listed the items used, so you can get a quick overview and buy the whole look – or parts of it – to decorate your window displays.

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