Do you want it gift-wrapped?

This entry was posted March 1, 2018
Do you want it gift-wrapped?

You probably ask your customers that same questions a few times a day. Once in a while, when your shop is exceptionally busy, you might even wish they say no. But in our line of work, the gift-wrap is an essential part of the experience.

And you know what, once in a while it is totally ok to cut a few corners and choose the easiest possible gift-wrap. Especially if you then decorate it with lovely ribbons.

Westpack offers you many different products for gift-wrapping. We offer lovely wrapping papers en stunning ribbons for large bows. But we also offer handy gift-bags and gift-boxes that make gift-wrapping easier and quicker. Add a bit of high-quality ribbon and even a single bow can make your gift-wrap look exclusive.

Inspiration for your gift-wraps.

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