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This entry was posted March 1, 2022

It is time to look at the colour trends of the season and, once again, Pantone Color Institute's "Fashion Color Trends" reports from London Fashion Week and New York fashion week paints a picture of which colours will be featured in the fashion world in the coming season.

As a jewellery designer/shop owner, you probably stay up-to-date on trends in the fashion world - and the colours can often be found across multiple other industries. Also when it comes to packaging.

The colours for spring 2022 are timeless and in balanced, eye-catching shades. One of the trends this spring is to break the familiar rules – there is the opportunity of playing a little more with the colours and matching subdued and calm colours with more colourful shades.

Colour trends for spring/summer 2022

New York:
Colour trends for spring/summer 2022

A lot of our jewellery box series are available in classic colours such as black, white, grey, and plain brown - but if you prefer boxes with more colour, you should check out the following series:

6 beautiful looks for spring

Do you need to order more packaging for spring? Use the colour schemes from London and New York and let them guide you towards your next colour choice. In the following, we give you six beautiful colour schemes based on our Stockholm ECO series - with new products and classics from our range.



Blue is a stylish and elegant colour available in many beautiful nuances.

The dark blue Stockholm ECO is one of our spring news, and here we have combined it with a matching carrier bag and white/light blue accessories.

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Rose colour is a popular colour with a contemporary and feminine expression.

Here, we have combined our rose-coloured Stockholm ECO with carrier bags and jewellery pouches in delicate green and rose shades - a beautiful spring look!

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Beige is a neutral and light colour that goes together well with other lighter shades such as brown or rose-colour.

Here we have combined the beige Stockholm ECO with kraft brown postal boxes, red tissue paper and matching accessories.

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Grey is a low-key and neutral colour available in many shades.

The grey Stockholm ECO is combined with a grey carrier bag, tissue paper in beautiful spring colours and some purple ribbon.

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Black is (and will always be) a true classic when it comes to jewellery packaging - a sure hit!

Here we have combined the black Stockholm ECO with both a black postal box and a gift box as well as some colourful tissue paper and pink ribbon creating a great contrast.

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White jewellery packaging is an elegant and contemporary choice that can be combined with both low-key and vibrant colours, depending on the style you are going for.

Here we have combined the white Stockholm ECO with a white carrier bag, white accessories and yellow elements like wrapping paper, ribbon and jewellery pouches.

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