Branded Advent Calendars: a Memorable Christmas Unboxing Experience

This entry was posted January 25, 2024



We all know and love the Advent Calendar, the most adventurous way to count down the days till Christmas. Whether it's the 24-door version or the 4-door version, the phenomenon has grown more popular through the years. If you're considering offering your customers a branded calendar to sweeten their holiday season, now is the perfect time to begin designing it.

Christmas may be the last thing on your mind, but it's never too early to prepare for the next merry season. In case you are still in the contemplation phase, these reasons for ordering your own branded advent calendar will hopefully persuade you:

Brand Engagement: An advent calendar allows customers to engage with your brand over an extended period. Each day or week, they open a new door, and they're reminded of your brand, enhancing brand loyalty and recognition.

Encouraging Repeat Business: Customers who enjoy the pieces in the advent calendar may likely return for additional purchases, either for themselves or as gifts.

Cross-selling Opportunities: Putting together a diverse range of products in your advent calendar, you are (possibly) introducing your customers to products they don't already know. This could entice customers to explore more of what your brand offers. The key is ensuring each surprise aligns with your customer's expectations about your brand.

Two scenarios for ordering branded advent calendars

Most of our advent calendars are produced in Asia, particularly for large quantities (1000+). With these calendars, you have complete design flexibility and can create a calendar that meets your exact demands. Colours, materials, shape or if you would like 4, 12 or 25 doors in your calendar. However, if you choose this option, please note that the production period will be extended.

Alternatively, we produce an advent calendar at our Danish factory. This option allows you to order much lower quantities and get them faster. You'll have a range of colours to choose from, and we'll design the print together. If you need more information, please don't hesitate to contact our Key Account Managers.

Calendars of Christmas past

We have sent different advent calendars to our Key Accounts through the years. What do you say we go through some of them for inspiration? Okay, let's go!


This upright-standing calendar has two doors that open to reveal four drawers inside. The pattern of the paper is winter-inspired with pinecones.There is ample space in each drawer for small and large jewellery pieces and other items like snacks and Christmas ornaments. Here, there is an excellent opportunity to create surprises for your customers.


With an advent calendar, your brand contributes to decorating someone's home during Christmas. Seize this opportunity and create a visually appealing calendar that serves as a decorative item and a beautiful representation of your brand. This Christmas tree-inspired design features a red and green pattern adorned with golden snowflakes. The triangular design works well, giving the calendar a classic feel yet unique.


Here, we tried something a little different. When you lift the lid, the calendar unfolds to reveal the four boxes and the printed greeting inside. A fun and impressive unboxing experience for your customers. We particularly like how the deep blue colour complements the golden foil print. As an added bonus, the calendar is cube-shaped when folded, making it easy to wrap, package and ship.


With the 2023 advent calendar, we took the design a step further. Upon opening the box, it transforms into an advent calendar that can be mounted on the wall. Folded, this one, too, is cube-shaped, facilitating easy packing, wrapping, and shipping. The calendar is covered with rustic cotton fabric, giving it a lovely, nostalgic feel.

Need Design Assistance?

We can help bring your ideas to life, from prototype to finished product. If you have a specific design in mind, or if you'd like to use one of our showcased models with a different print or material, we can assist in creating a product that perfectly fits your brand.

Will my jewellery fit? 

Absolutely! We can ensure that the drawers and compartments are tailored to fit your jewellery perfectly. We can add foam or other protective measures to keep them secure, just like in traditional jewellery boxes.

What about shipping? 

If you're planning to send out your advent calendars, we can assist in creating packaging that matches the design, shape, and appearance of your calendar. We provide all the packaging materials to you; all you need to do is fill them with delightful items and send them off.

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