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This entry was posted November 2, 2018
Christmas Wrapping: Easy and beautiful...

Gift wrapping! We love gifts and especially gifts in stunning wrapping paper and with joyful details!

Do you and your customer feel the same way? We are sure you do: We all love the joy of giving a gift. Especially a gift from the heart - and jewellery gifts are indeed given from the heart!

That being said, you might feel the performance anxiety! Don't worry: there is no need for that. It can be very easy to make beautiful wrappings - without making it into a science project.

How to:

Practice makes perfect. At the busy hours, it's good to know how to make your wrappings and make it a part of your everyday.

Start by finding all the right tools. A sharp scissor, a good ribbon shredder and a Bowdabra bowmaker - this will help you a long way.

Tools for Wrapping >

Choose wrapping paper, ribbon and gift toppers, and keep it all at hand.

Gift Wrapping >

Christmas Wrapping: Easy and beautiful...

Now you are ready! Use the quiet hours to make new bows. Using different materials for the bow can give your gift wrapping different stunning looks. Nu er det bare at gå i gang. Brug de knap så travle perioder af dagen på at lave nye sløjfer. Husk at samme sløjfe i forskellige materialer giver forskellige udtryk.

Simple and easy inspiration:

We have gathered small videos to show you how to make the bows. Click at the bow you want to see - and see an instructional video and photos. You will also find a list of the materials used. Remember, you can always modify the colours to match your wrappings.

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