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Pedestal, Small

Glossy Lacquered Wood, White

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  • Weight:350 gram
  • Exterior dimensions:80 x 80 x 45 mm.
  • Pack size:1 pcs
A series of high-quality wooden jewelry displays with a contemporary look. Use the many different displays and stands from this product series to create a well-functioning shop-window with an upmarket and stylish look.

Use cubes to elegantly create height difference in your window display, or use them as a contemporary way of displaying your jewelry.

Clean the displays using a dry of slightly damp soft cloth. Please avoid abrasive products and cleaning agents.

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Tarnish-Free Products

Tarnish-Free Products
Westpack products do not contain tarnish-accelerating chemicals.
Use Westpack packaging and display material and keep your jewelry bright, shiny, and tarnish-free for longer!

What is tarnish, what causes it and can you prevent it?
Read our blog about tarnish and find out! 

This product is being discontinued. We sell up the remaining stock, after which we will no longer stock this product.
Origin: China
This product may be subject to duty upon importation into the United States. Contact your local customs authorities or our sales department for more information.

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Pedestal, Small Glossy Lacquered Wood, White 80 x 80 x 45
  • Pedestal, Small Glossy Lacquered Wood, White 80 x 80 x 45
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