The new Milano ECO

This entry was posted April 8, 2020
The Milano ECO range

Luxurious Appearance. Eco-friendly Attitude. Milano ECO.

At first glance, you probably don't notice it. But the jewellery boxes in Westpack's Milano range have got an eco-friendly overhaul. The quality, appearance and feel of the product is unchanged. The same goes for the price. Nonetheless, going forward, the jewellery boxes will be made from FSC®-certified cardboard and paper.

The Milano series of jewellery boxes has been a success for many reasons. The magnetic closing mechanism, the beautiful leatherette surface and the surprisingly low weight has made the boxes a hit with jewellers and goldsmiths around the world. A lot of our customers have asked for an eco-friendly version, and with the introduction of the Milano ECO range, this has now become a reality.

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The eco-friendly alternative

”It's one of those rare cases, where aesthetics and ethics come together,” says Henrik Hansen, sales manager at Westpack. "We have kept all of the things that made the Milano range a hit. The only difference is: the new version is eco-friendly. Now the Milano boxes are made from FSC®-certified cardboard and get coated with FSC®-certified paper” .

He has experienced how Westpack's customers in the recent years have demanded eco-friendly alternatives to classic jewellery boxes. Westpack's entire value chain has been involved in meeting these demands. When switching to using FSC®-certified materials in a product, you must be able to document every step of the production process. This, of course, means more administrative work. Yet, Westpack's customers can expect the price of the boxes to remain the same.

”The demand for an eco-friendly alternative to the Milano range has been so pronounced, that we have chosen to replace the old version with the new", says Henrik Hansen. ”And to be fair to our customers, we have decided, that the price should remain the same”.

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An active choice

At Westpack, we keep ourselves up-to-date on our customers' demands for eco-friendliness. The ambition is to give our customers an active choice, when they are buying packaging. Hence, we are constantly testing and introducing new eco-friendly packaging solutions. And a big part of that process takes place in close dialog with our customers.

"Many of our customers tell us, that they use eco-friendliness as a selling point to their customers. That is why we print our own ECO-brand on the underside of the Milano boxes without a surcharge. That way, the final consumers can see, that they have done business with a company that thinks about the environmental impact of packaging."

Henrik Hansen, Sales Manager

Supports the Sustainable Development Goals

The introduction of another product in the ECO range is in perfect line with Westpack's CSR strategy. The company is run in accordance with strong values, and the Sustainable Development Goals are supported, as CEO Morten Dalsgaard explains: "We are constantly working on improving the sustainability of our business. The introduction of Milano ECO is another step in the direction of UNs Sustainable Development Goal number 12: Responsible consumption and production."

However, there is room for even more eco-friendliness, if you ask the CEO. ”We are planning to introduce more products in our ECO range in the years to come”, he says.

More facts

What is ECO, and what does FSC® mean? Allow us to explain.

ECO is Westpacks own mark. ECO is Westpacks brand that serves as an umbrella term for all environmentally friendly products. In this category, you’ll find all organic, recycled, Fairtrade®, and FSC®-certified products.

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The FSC® mark guarantees that all materials come from an FSC® forest, where no more wood is cut down than the forest can reproduce. This means better protection of the animal- and plant life, and all foresters have proper training, safety equipment and a decent wage.

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FSC® is the mark of responsible forestry.
Our FSC® licence number is FSC®C112509.

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