Jewellery boxes without foam insert

This entry was posted July 8, 2019

This jewellery box is now available without foam insert.

Many of our customers asked for our Boston Eco jewellery box without the foam insert. Well, here it is. The new eco-box is perfect for those customers that prefer not to use the foam insert. The box is available in two colours and sizes.

FSC® Tissue paper

Use FSC-certified tissue paper to fill your Boston eco jewellery boxes. Fold your jewellery into a piece of tissue paper and add it to the box.

Tissue paper comes in sheets of 70 x 50 cm. We recommend using a quarter of a sheet for the ring boxes, and half a sheet for the bangle boxes. Did you know we can halve or quarter the sheets? A small surcharge applies for cutting the tissue paper into a more manageable size for you.

- More about FSC >

Jewellery boxes without foam insert

Fairtrade pouches

Eco-friendly jewellery boxes and filling with a statement! Individually pack your jewellery using an organic cotton jewellery pouch. Place the pouch into a Boston Eco jewellery box. That is what we call “eco all the way!”.

Fairtrade is designed to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions. The pouches are available in four sizes and two colours. We recommend using mini pouches to fill the small earring boxes, and small pouches to fill the bangle boxes.

- Find Fairtrade pouches here >
- More about Fairtrade here >

Cotton wadding

Another eco-friendly option you have is filling your boxes with cotton wadding. We sell the wadding in handy rolls. Cut a piece wadding off the roll and add it to the box. If so desired, place another piece of wadding on top of your jewellery.

We recommend using a 50 mm wide roll for the earring boxes. One roll contains 5 meters, allowing you to fill about 100 boxes with one roll (single layer).

For the bangle boxes, the 90 mm roll is most suited. One roll contains 5 meters, allowing you to fill about 55 boxes with one roll (single layer).

- Find cotton wadding here >

Our FSC licence number is FSC®C112509.

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