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Good news: postal boxes in two new colours

A lot of jewellery is purchased online. And sturdy postal boxes are a must for shipping products. Packaging for shipment is in high demand, and especially our postal boxes are popular.

Until now, the range has consisted of the classic natural postal boxes in several different sizes. But we knew we wanted to expand the range with new colors - and now we have the pleasure of introducing a selection of postal boxes in both black and pink.

All of our postal boxes are made from FSC®-certified cardboard, which makes them the obvious choice, if you're looking for eco-friendly packaging.

See all postal boxes here >


Rose - a feminine and elegant choice

Our customers often go for our rose coloured jewellery boxes. So it was a natural choice for us to introduce postal boxes with a matching colour.

If you stick with a rose coloured theme, you will get a romantic and feminine look, that the recipient will surely notice. You can also use the rose coloured postal box for Valentine's day or Mother's day.

If you are looking for a contemporary expression, you can choose to use a contrasting colour like orange, blue or natural brown cardboard.


Black - an exclusive and stylish choice

This colour is classic, timeless, and a safe choice when it comes to jewellery packaging. That is exactly why we chose to expand our range of postal boxes with black versions.

You can combine these black postal boxes with different colours to create a contrast-filled experience. Softer nuances go well together with black - for example beige, rose colour, natural brown cardboard and golden colours like gold and copper.

You can also let the black colour be a unifying theme, so the tissue paper and decorations are black too. This will give an intense-looking, luxurious expression, which is perfect for highlighting your high-end products!

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FSC® is the mark of responsible forestry. www.fsc.org.
Our FSC license number is FSC®C112509.

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