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Using eyewear packaging in biodegradable plastic, organic cotton, rPET, and recyclable materials is how Westpack's customer Bellinger makes their eyewear packaging an integrated part of their brand.

Using eyewear packaging in biodegradable plastic, organic cotton, rPET, and recyclable materials is how Westpack's customer Bellinger makes their packaging an integrated part of their brand.

In Denmark's second-largest city, Aarhus, you find Bellinger House: the home of the three brands Bellinger, BLAC, and Entourage of 7. All three brands seek out the newest design ideas, create unique colour combinations, and cater to customers with great personal style - their own.

We spoke to sales director Hans Lilleør to learn more about Bellinger House's approach to cases and packaging.

"We have made a lot of informed decisions about the materials used in the cases and packaging for all our brands", he explains. "Whether it is biodegradable plastic bags, organic cotton, rPET components, or recyclable materials, we have thought carefully about what we want to present to the end customer."

High requirements for eyewear cases and packaging

Working with their dedicated Key Account Manager at Westpack, Bellinger House has tried to select the materials they feel best serve the purpose.

"Our eyewear cases and packaging are not just off-the-rack. It is made very specifically because that is exactly how we want it, " Hans explains.

He feels that Westpack has been very receptive to Bellinger House's approach to the design process - which we, of course, are happy to hear.

"Any business that is meticulous about how they want their cases and packaging to be made needs to find a trustworthy supplier with stellar customer service. And I can say, for sure, that Westpack is such a company. You will be on a first-name-basis with your dedicated Key Account Manager", Hans Lilleør guarantees.

Inspired by circular economy

We are proud to have Bellinger House as a customer. Not just because of their innovative products but also because of their humanitarian projects. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they came up with a new concept: while selling glasses frames to optician stores, they bought an equal amount of frames the store had trouble selling – frames that had been on the shelves for several seasons. Bellinger House donated these frames to Rotary, which distributes them to places in the world that have a greater need for them.

Recently, Hans was in Zambia with Rotary and helped donate nearly 40.000 spectacle frames. We find that to be very admirable, and we like the circular economic aspect of the initiative.

Parallel with these activities, Bellinger House has joined forces with the Danish company Daarbæk Design, which has produced new presentation trays and furniture for tradeshows. These also utilize circular design elements because the material includes old frames.

Well-thought-out eyewear packaging

Bellinger House focuses on innovative eyewear packaging that prioritizes both customer needs and responsible material use. They incorporate FSC® certified paper and recycled plastic, reducing the reliance on virgin materials. The cases feature minimal metal use, with 100% recycled paper covers and interior fabric made from rPET. Each case comes with an organic cotton and recycled plastic soft pouch alongside a cleaning cloth made from rPET, ensuring functionality and maintenance.

Every delivered eyewear case reflects the company's commitment to innovative design and mindful material use, aiming to balance customer satisfaction and reduced material impact.

About Bellinger House

In 2003, Malene and Claus Bellinger embarked on a mission to revolutionize the eyewear industry with their vibrant, uniquely designed eyewear, founding Bellinger House. Renowned for its standout collections, the brand has consistently infused the market with eccentricity and innovation.

Bellinger House thrives on creativity, commitment, and a relentless pursuit of innovation. The company pioneered the world's first carbon fibre eyewear collection, BLAC 2008, and later partnered with the chic LA-based brand Entourage of 7 in 2013.

As the parent company for Bellinger, BLAC, and Entourage of 7, Bellinger House offers a diverse range of eyewear, catering to various customer preferences and trends. The company is dedicated to flexible sales strategies and building profitable, lasting partnerships.

Visit Bellinger House online. 

FSC® is the mark of responsible forestry. Our FSC licence number is FSC®C112509.

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