AW21 Autumn Styles - Copper (2)

AW21 Autumn Styles - Copper (2)      

AW21 - Autumn Styles


Add the warm colours of spring to your wrapping by combining colours such as copper, orange, and terracotta. The solid-coloured copper wrapping paper is a great match for the popular jewellery box; Boston ECO in a warm terracotta colour. Use the colours orange and peach in the bow to complete the look. 

For this look, we have combined an elegant, shiny ribbon in peach colour with a piece of rough-hewn, orange jute twine.  The shiny ribbon is shredded using a ribbon shredder to create an even more interesting look. 

For this look, we have used the following;

  1. Wrapping paper  - copper
  2. Boston Eco Jewellery Boxes - Terracotta
  3. Shiny Deluxe Ribbon - Peach
  4. Jute Twine - Orange
  5. Ribbon Shredder
  6. Bowdabra Bowmaker


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