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SS21 Valentine Unboxing (2)

SS21 Valentine Unboxing (2)      

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?

Make sure your packaging is fun to unpack!

On February 14, it is Valentine's Day - the day of love! It is many jewellers' favourite day of the year. After all, what says "I love you" like a carefully selected piece of jewellery?

Perhaps your shop or online store already celebrates Valentine's Day. Perhaps you are considering it? We give you a selection of tips and tricks for creating Valentine's inspired packaging for your jewellery. Use them to give the recipient a radiantly romantic unboxing experience.

  • Romantic colours
    Our rose-coloured jewellery boxes and postal boxes are popular year-round, and they are the perfect choice for beautiful Valentine's packaging.
  • Use tissue paper
    No unboxing experience is complete without tissue paper! The beautiful thin paper is a great fit for shipping boxes or carrier bags. It is the icing on the cake. See our selection of tissue paper >
  • Offer gift-wrapping
    Wrap the jewellery gifts neatly using beautiful wrapping paper and some nice ribbon. You could also include a gift box or gift-bag, some tissue paper and decorations, so your customers can wrap the gift themselves.
  • Valentine’s labels
    Use a label to celebrate the day! Put it on the present or use it to close the tissue paper in the postal box - The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! See our selection of stickers >
  • Include a Valentine’s card
    Make it easy for your customers to write a Valentine’s greeting to their special someone by adding a Valentine’s Day card with each order. We have made four free cards that you can download and print - Find them here >


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