SS21 Eco Unboxing (3)

SS21 Eco Unboxing (3)      

Here's what unboxing can do for your brand:

We all know the excitement that comes from opening a present. The anticipation and joy you feel, as you try to guess the content of the gift! Give your customers the same excitement and joy when they buy your jewellery online - and use it as a strategic part of your corporate branding!

First impression

The first thing your online customers see is the packaging for shipment. Why not make a great first impression as soon as the customer receives the package? You can tell a lot about a brand just from looking at the company's packaging for shipment - this is where you can stand out and show that packaging is not just a necessity, but an opportunity.

Customer loyalty

A great customer experience creates loyal customers that keep coming back. But it is not enough to focus on your customer service - you have to focus on the entire experience. When your customers order online, the unboxing experience they get can create a "wauw effect". It shows that each order matters.


Social media like YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest are filled with unboxing videos and pictures - is your packaging shareable? Don't underestimate the importance of social media. With the right packaging, you can create a memorable and sharable experience!


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