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Black Friday is cancelled.
Now, we are introducing:

Pac Friday!


We hope you are busy!

We hope you are having a lovely Black Friday. We imagine tens, hundreds (maybe even thousands!) of customers waiting in line to buy your jewellery – or placing orders through your online store.

On such a busy day, we don’t want to distract you with offers. For that reason, we decided to cancel our Black Friday sale. The discount that we had planned kicks in on Cyber Monday instead.

In other words: There are no distracting Westpack offers to see here today. Instead, you can focus solely on your customers. As we said, you are probably busy, so don’t feel obligated to stick around.

Good luck with your Black Friday sale!

Still here?

Then we take it that this year’s Black Friday is acting really… well, 2020. Or perhaps you could use a distraction? We have got just the thing for you: see if you can beat our marketing team’s high score in Pac-Man!


So, Pac Friday is really a thing?

Yes, now it is. Since we cancelled our Black Friday sale, we had some extra time on our hands. We spent it wisely, playing Pac-Man. Now it’s your turn.

You won’t get a prize if you beat our high score. And you won’t get an additional discount on Cyber Monday. But we will have mad respect for you.

PAC FRIDAY! Did you beat our high score?

Ditte: 17,470 point PAC FRIDAY!
“This was almost too easy. The original Arcade version of the game relied on simple algorithms to move the ghosts around, while this remake uses RNG (random number generation), which does not rely on sources of naturally occurring entropy. The developers probably used the well-known linear congruential generator, which means that a given sequence will eventually repeat (otherwise the memory usage would run wild). Once I realized this, I could predict the pattern of the game.”

Søren: 15,490 point PAC FRIDAY!
“When I heard there was going to be a competition, I began an intense training program. It consisted mostly of watching Pac-Man walkthrough videos on YouTube and doing one-arm push-ups. Unfortunately, I worked out too much and got a hand injury. Otherwise, I’m sure I would have won! Actually I did reach 50.000 points with one hand - but it was on another computer I left at home.”

Kirsten: 9,370 point PAC FRIDAY!
“Pac-Man brought his A-game today. He was on fire! But those ghosts? Man, they are brutal - I feel like they are the team to beat right now. Coming into the first corner, I was ahead by a lot. You know what they say: it's a game of inches. Or pixels, rather. Then I missed a golden opportunity of eating one of the ghosts at a point where it was blue and… well, edible. And I remember thinking: darn, that’ll come back to haunt me!”

Kasper: 7,530 point
“From the beginning it was clear that the four ghost-like villains of the game had some unresolved business with the protagonist: the so-called “Pac-Man”. But the characters’ appalling lack of backstory made it impossible to determine how the conflict began. I was constantly waiting for a cut-scene to explain this. But then I realized that Pac-Man must be haunted by ghosts for a reason. From that point on, I had no problem with the ghosts catching up to our pixelated anti-hero. He had it coming.”

Mette: 6,340 point
“I could have played a better game if my puppy Bella hadn’t interrupted me. It’s a Border Collie, which is a very clever breed - you know, the kind of dog that brings you the newspaper and then reads the finance section. So, I thought that Bella should have a try at playing Pac-Man. And what do you know: she did very well. This is actually her score!”

Good luck!
(with the Pac-Man game and the Black Friday sale)
- Greetings from Marketing

About Westpack and Pac-Man

Pac-Man has become kind of a mascot for Westpack's marketing department. In our marketing department, we have made a KPI measurement based on the game.

The concept is simple: The more Pac-Man eats, the more Westpack’s webshop is selling.

Of course, we measure this KPI it in other ways too. But this is the most fun (partly because it involves the classic 8-bit theme being played).

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