AW23 Christmas Gift (9)

AW23 Christmas Gift (9)          

AW23 Christmas Gift Wrapping

For a striking and voluminous bow that's guaranteed to make an impression, look no further than the Bowdabra Bowmaker! Crafting the perfect bow is a breeze with this tool at your disposal. In creating this exquisite bow, we've used a selection of ribbons in complementary colours that harmonize beautifully with the terracotta-coloured gift wrapping paper.

The composition of this bow is carefully curated to complement the splendid terracotta gift paper. The dark red matte ribbon forms an ideal base, providing a sturdy foundation. To infuse a touch of sparkle and glamour, we've introduced two types of glitter ribbon—red and rose gold. Using a ribbon shredder allows these colours to seamlessly blend together.

This bow introduces an additional layer of elegance to your gift presentation, elevating the overall charm of the wrapping, which features delightful motifs such as foxes, birds, flowers, and deer. The gift paper boasts a captivating terracotta hue adorned with many nature-themed designs, all accentuated by a lustrous golden finish.

For this look we have used:

Remember the right tools:

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