AW21 Christmas Unboxing (3)

AW21 Christmas Unboxing (3)          

Christmas unboxing experiences

The lovely Christmas cheer

Let the spirit of Christmas shine through in your packaging choices. Pouches and postal boxes have one specific look all year round. But you can easily add some Christmas seasoning by adding a Christmassy print or logo. The logo can advantageously be combined with your brand, your contact information, or another piece of information you want to give your customers. Let the logo appear on several products, such as bags, jewellery pouches, and postal boxes.

All of the products in this look are made from natural and eco-friendly materials, which we have kept in light colours. The cute Christmas logo is printed with a stylish metallic gold foil. Whether you have a shop, online store, or both, you can use the Christmas logo across a range of products to create a coherent expression.

Give your unboxing experience an extra Christmas touch!

We have designed free printable Christmas cards for you. All cards are in A7 size (105x74 mm). Feel free to edit the file and add your website address, your Instagram hashtag, or similar. You can find the Christmas cards here >

Decoration and ribbon for this look:

  1. FSC® certified tissue paper - white with golden dots
  2. Jute twine - creme colour
  3. Ribbon made from wooden pulp - white
  4. Wooden hearts on a string - white


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