AW21 Christmas Gift (5)

AW21 Christmas Gift (5)        

AW21 Gift-wrapping for Christmas

Classic Christmas Treats

The classic colours for Christmas are red, green, and gold. With this Christmassy wrapping paper, you can really utilize the effect of the classic colours. The wrapping paper is white with Christmas decorations in green and red colours. Some are matt - others are shiny. The large motifs are composed of smaller motifs, which means that this wrapping paper is suitable for both larger and smaller presents.

We turned the Christmas cheer up to max with this colourful bow. It is made using shiny golden ribbon as well as red and green ribbons. To create a vibrant and textured look, we have combined several types of ribbons. The raw and coarse jute twine in red, the green matline ribbon, and the shiny golden ribbon with glitter. You can achieve the best effect if you use the ideal tools for the purpose: a ribbon shredder and a Bowdabra bowmaker

For this look, we have used the following:

  1. Eco-friendly wrapping paper - FSC®-certified
  2. Matline ribbon - dark green
  3. Jute twine - red
  4. Glitter ribbon - gold

Oh, and remember the right tools:

  1. Bowdabra bowmaker
  2. Ribbon shredder



FSC® is the mark of responsible forestry.
Our FSC license number is FSC®C112509.

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