AW21 - 2in1 Unboxing (4)

AW21 - 2in1 Unboxing (4)            

Christmas Unboxing

2-in-1 gift wrapping

Surprise the customers with a nice gift-wrapping. Both for the jewellery they have bought, but also for other presents. Add different stylish materials so your customers can create the wrapping they want.

For this suggestion, we have used bags/pouches as wrapping. The jewellery is put in the box, but the customer decides whether the box should be placed in the jewellery pouch or in the carrier bag. Make sure you add gift tags and ribbon in the box so the customer can finish the wrapping.

The bags are printed with a beautiful Christmas print - for that Christmassy feel. You can also brand the box with your own logo.

For this package we have used the following:

  1. Postal box - FSC®-certified
  2. Dark green carrier bag - FSC®-certified
  3. Dark green jewellery pouch - Pouch made from organic cotton
  4. Frankfurt ECO jewellery box - Plain brown
  5. Gift tag - gold
  6. Twisted ribbon - Gold



Give your unboxing experience an extra Christmas touch!

We have designed free printable Christmas cards for you. All cards are in A7 size (105x74 mm). Feel free to edit the file and add your website address, your Instagram hashtag, or similar. You can find the Christmas cards here >


FSC® the mark of responsible forestry.
Our FSC license number is FSC®C112509.

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