AW21 - 2in1 Unboxing (1)

AW21 - 2in1 Unboxing (1)            

Reuse materials for unboxing

2-in-1 gift wrapping

Help your customers reuse your packaging. Pack the boxes with materials that your customers can reuse in their Christmas gift wrapping.

In this package, we have added materials that can be used in two ways; either to wrap the jewellery, or to wrap the postal box. It is entirely up to the customer to decide which materials should be used for the jewellery, and how the rest should be used.

We have added a piece of wrapping paper measuring 20 x 45 cm. The purpose of the wrapping paper is threefold. Firstly, it is a void fill that protects the jewellery during transport. Secondly, it is a part of the unboxing experience. Thirdly, the wrapping paper can be used to wrap the postal box.

Remember to guide your customer, so they know how to use the materials.

For this package, we have used the following:

  1. Eco-friendly wrapping paper - FSC®-certified
  2. Jute twine - red and green
  3. Wooden stars - gold
  4. Gift tag - gold
  5. Jewellery pouches - Fairtrade certified cotton pouches
  6. Postal box - FSC®-certified



Free Christmas Card 

We have added a word search Christmas card to the postal box. You can use it to send a greeting to your customers, or you can leave it blank so they can use it for their gift wrapping. You can download the free graphic here >


FSC® is the mark of responsible forestry.
Our FSC license number is FSC®C112509.

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