AW21 Autumn Trends - Dark blue

AW21 Autumn Trends - Dark blue              

AW21/22 Colour trends for fall

Dark blue

For this look we have used a beautiful dark blue colour. The carrier bag is lined with white tissue paper which protects the content and creates a nice effect.

You can use the jewellery pouch to protect the jewellery, or you can use it as extra wrapping for a jewellery box. In this look, we have two suggestions; satin pouches or pouches made from organic cotton. The jewellery boxes, the satin pouch, and the carrier bag are all printed with metallic gold foil. The cotton pouch is printed in white

There are many ways to give your customers a great shopping experience - you could e.g., send a small greeting on a post card. We have made some graphics that you can download for free - Find them here >

For this look, we have used the following:

  1. Boston jewellery boxes - printed with metallic gold foil
  2. Luxury carrier bag in sturdy cardboard - printed with metallic gold foil
  3. Satin pouches
  4. Jewellery pouches made from organic cotton
  5. FSC®-certified tissue paper



FSC® is the mark of responsible forestry.
Our FSC license number is FSC®C112509.

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