AW21 Autumn Styles - Gold (1)

AW21 Autumn Styles - Gold (1)    

AW21 - Autumn Styles

Gold and off white

It is not easy to tell, but this look is made exclusively from eco-friendly wrapping items. 

The beautiful, shiny, golden wrapping paper is made from FSC®-certified paper. The bow consists of three different types of ribbons; 

Fabric ribbon with a herringbone pattern - made from 100% recycled plastic

Jute twine - made from natural materials. 

Cotton ribbon - An exciting new product made from cotton, but which is not a fabric ribbon. It is a standard ribbon that can be curled and shredded. 

Remember the tools:

  1. Ribbon shredder
  2. Bowdabra bowmaker


FSC® is the mark of responsible forestry.
Our FSC license number is FSC®C112509.

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