AW21 Autumn Styles - Blue & Silver (2)

AW21 Autumn Styles - Blue & Silver (2)    

AW21 - Autumn Styles

Blue & Silver

Easy packaging doesn't have to be dull! Using only two types of ribbon and a ribbon shredder, you can conjure a gift-wrapping that is distinctly beautiful. The wrapping paper is solid coloured, and you can use net ribbon to create patterns and structures. The net ribbon is held in place by a piece of ribbon which is curled and shredded.

For this look, we have used the versatile double-sided wrapping paper, an elegant silver net ribbon, and Shiny Deluxe ribbon in dark blue.

  1. Reversible wrapping paper
  2. Shiny Deluxe Ribbon - Dark blue
  3. Net ribbon - Silver
  4. Ribbon shredder


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