AW21 Autumn Styles - Blue & Silver (1)

AW21 Autumn Styles - Blue & Silver (1)        

AW21 - Autumn Styles

Blue and Silver

The double-sided wrapping paper has twice as many applications. This wrapping paper has a blue side and a matt silver side. If you need to use other colours than blue for your presents, you can use the silver side of the wrapping paper. 

For this look, however, we have used blue and silver. The bow is made using a matt light grey ribbon, a blue ribbon from the Shiny Deluxe-series, and a beautiful dark blue organza ribbon. 

Don't forget the tools! To make this kind of bow, the Bowdabra bowmaker and the ribbon shredder are indispensable tools.

  1. Double-sided wrapping paper
  2. Matt ribbon - light grey
  3. Shiny deluxe ribbon - blue
  4. Organza ribbon - blue
  5. Bowdabra Bowmaker
  6. Ribbon shredder


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