AW20 Christmas Unboxing (3)

AW20 Christmas Unboxing (3)        

Offer to wrap the presents for your online customers

At Christmas it's a great time to offer free gift-wrapping! But how do you do that, when you sell your jewellery online?

One solution could be to send the wrapping along with the order, so your customers can do it themselves! It is a really nice service to offer. And it only requires a few simple items like a gift-bag, some tissue paper, and some gift toppers.

Here we have chosen a plain brown cardboard postal box combined with some beautiful tissue paper to create an unboxing experience. We have enclosed a white organza jewellery pouch, ribbons and gift toppers - all the customer has to do is wrap the jewellery box in the tissue paper and put it in the bag. A gift enclosure card and some gift toppers complete the wrapping after a satin ribbon is tied around the bag.


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