Jewellery Trays: Lightweight trays for travelling reps

Lightweight trays are designed with the travelling salesman in mind. The trays are easy to transport, while retaining none of their elegance and functionality.

The trays are perfect for the travelling sales representative that needs to bring many different types of jewellery to their sales appointments or to an exhibition, but are also perfectly suitable as an elegant and easy-to-use storing and display system in your shop. The trays have an elegant and straightforward functional design, and are available with a number of different inserts. The bottom side of each tray is lined with a 2 mm thick foam pillow (EVA-foam), which stabilises the trays when piled, and at the same time offers protection to the contents when the trays are piled. Additionally, the trays don’t scratch any display surface. The partition and inserts are produced in our own factory in Denmark, which means that your order can be dispatched within a mere 10 work days.

Colours and material

All trays are composed of an outer tray, a partition and an insert. The outer trays are made from wood and are covered with durable black leatherette (PU) with a fine texture. The partitions are made from vacuum-shaped plastic, sprayed with velour (flock) to provide a soft surface. The partitions are available in black or grey. The trays have two different types of inserts; either a luxury pad covered with soft velour, or a more simple foam pillow with velour coating (much like the insert of your jewellery boxes).


The jewellery trays are available in different heights and sizes.

SizeMeasurementsAvailable in
Small tray 156 x 235 mm 18 mm (H1), 28 mm (H2), 32 mm (H3)
Medium tray 235 x 235 mm 18 mm (H1), 28 mm (H2), 32 mm (H3), 74 mm (H4)
Large tray 472 x 235 mm 32 mm (H3)


Not all sizes are available in all heights. The trays and inserts are combined in such a way that they perfectly fit together, i.e. when you order a tray for rings it will automatically have an appropriate height, to make room for the rings.


We designed a suitcase that makes the transporting of these trays easier.

Can’t find the type or colour of tray you are looking for?

Contact out customer service via [email protected] and find out what the possibilities are for bespoke trays. Together we can find a solution that suits your needs. .

Did you know… that all parts of our light-weight trays are interchangeable and are also sold separately? This means that when you need new pillows, new partitions or new trays, you can order the separate parts in stead of having to order a whole new tray. Our customer service dept. will happily assist you with this.