SS23 Valentine - Unboxing (3)

SS23 Valentine - Unboxing (3)        

Valentine’s Day

Romantic unboxing experience

Unboxing is a glorious thing. Receiving and unboxing something you ordered or are given is a great feeling, especially if a bit of effort is put into it. For this suggestion, we use rose colours.

The rose-coloured postal box is printed outside with a black foil print. We can also print it inside. We design the logos after your choosing. You can choose between multiple print colours such as silver and gold, rose-gold, black and white.

Inside the postal box, we use a jewellery pouch for wrapping. The pouch is made of organic cotton and can also be printed with your logo.

We use a gorgeous pearly white tissue paper to close it up, and we enclosed a cute little Valentine's day card for the customer to use.

Free cards for download

We have made four free cards that you can download and print - Find them here >