SS23 Valentine - Unboxing (2)

SS23 Valentine - Unboxing (2)      

Valentine’s Day

Romantic unboxing experience

Unboxing is a glorious thing. Receiving and unboxing something you ordered or are given is a great feeling, especially if a bit of effort is put into it. For this suggestion, we use neutral colours with a bit of rose.

The postal box is printed both inside and outside. You choose how to brand your boxes yourself. We design it to meet your needs and print it with a colour of your choosing. Here we have used metallic golden print inside and black outside.

Inside the postal box, we wrap the content with beautiful white tissue paper. The tissue paper has a subtle pattern. It's folded neatly and tied up with a jute ribbon. We use a white wooden heart and a dried flower for colour.

Make it easy for your customers to write Valentine's greetings to their special someone by adding a Valentine's Day card with each order. We have made four free cards that you can download and print - Find them here >