AW23 Christmas Gift (10)

AW23 Christmas Gift (10)    

AW23 Christmas Gift Wrapping

Vintage Christmas Charm

Discover a fresh and unconventional approach to gift wrapping by using gift paper to create a unique pattern on your presents. While this method may require a bit more time than the traditional way of wrapping, the end result is truly enchanting.

We embark on this wrapping journey without using tape, bringing several advantages. Beyond the obvious benefits of saving money and avoiding the frustrations of tape sticking together, tape-free gift wrapping is aesthetically pleasing and elegant. It exudes a sense of professionalism—showcasing your expertise as a skilled gift wrapper.

Moreover, opting for tape-free wrapping is a small yet meaningful act of kindness towards the environment. By skipping the tape, you can make plastic-free gift wrapping and allow your customers to reuse the wrapping paper, making it a gesture that positively impacts both the recipient and the environment.

For this look we have used: