AW22 Jewellery Display - Mix (3)

AW22 Jewellery Display - Mix (3)                


Mix & Match

With just a few elements, you can build a beautiful and functional jewellery display for your shop window or for use in the photo studio.

Display blocks, pedestals, and cushions are versatile elements that can be stacked, turned and rotated to create different levels and dimensions in the display.

For this look, we used two materials; Glossy white wooden displays and rose coloured velour-covered displays. By mixing materials, you add depth and texture to your display. Using the white display as a base allows you to change the theme and colours as you wish.

The rose-coloured velour is stunning and works very well for many different themes. For this setting, we use dried grasses in similar colours for decoration. We recommend using vintage Christmas decor in worn natural colours for a Christmas theme.

We have used:

  1. Glossy White Wooden Displays
  2. Rose-coloured Velour Displays


This is how we build it: