SS23 Unboxing (3)

SS23 Unboxing (3)        

Unboxing ideas for spring

Popular terracotta

Terracotta means "burnt earth" and refers to the raw, burnt clay that is used for building materials and sculptures as well as the classic terracotta jars known from, for example, Italy. As a colour, terracotta is a beautiful mixture of brown and red or orange. A warm, calm, and earthy colour that comes in many different shades from burnt orange to more brownish and red nuances.

For this proposal, we have used our new terracotta-coloured tissue paper and a light thin ribbon with orange flowers. With this ribbon, you can create a beautiful bow, which is the first thing the recipient sees when the package is opened.

The postal box is printed on the inside with black foil. We can print your logo, a text, or a greeting - you decide. It is also possible to have the boxes printed on the outside.

Digitally printed cards

Say thank you to your customers with a small digitally printed card. Here we have used an A7 size card - the graphics are just a suggestion. You design your own cards. The card is only printed on one side so you can add a handwritten message. Find your cards here ➔