SS22 Rainbows (3)

SS22 Rainbows (3)  


Colour explosion for your gifts.

Are multi-colour what you want, this magnificent ribbon is just what you need for a festive gift wrap. The rainbow ribbon has a glittery surface which adds to the brightness of the colours.

The rainbow ribbon is both easy to curl and shreddable. Here we have done both, and it gives two different looks. When you shred the ribbon, please make sure to insert the teeth of the shredder on the glittery side for the best result.

The gift wrap paper is rose-coloured with copper coloured hearts — a perfect match to the rose-coloured carrier bags.

We have used the following items:

  1. Glitter ribbon, multi-colour
  2. Rose-coloured wrapping paper with copper hearts
  3. Paper carrier bag, rose-coloured