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Travel Case for Lightweight Trays, with Wheels

Black / Aluminium - Excl. trays
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Use a lightweight travel case to transport your lightweight jewellery trays.

This sturdy travel case is made from durable plastic and has strong aluminium edges. The case is easy to transport as it has wheels and a retractable handle. The slick design of this box combined with the contemporary look of the trays gives your jewellery collection an upscale look.

True to the concept, these travel cases are lightweight and easy to use. The travel case has a drop-front, granting easy access to your trays. The cases don’t have set slots, so you can freely pile trays in different sizes and heights, allowing you to effortlessly adapt the contents of your travel case if so desired. The travel cases are suitable for lightweight trays only (item numbers starting with 0376, 0377 or 0378).

More information about these trays and about how many trays you can fit in either of our travel cases, click here.

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More Information
Weight:5950 gram
Exterior dimensions:495 x 250 x 425 mm (19.49 x 9.84 x 16.73 in)
Interior dimensions:470 x 235 x 375 mm (18.5 x 9.25 x 14.76 in).
Pack size:1 pcs