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Ring Cone Display

White Nappa leatherette
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Discover our range of leatherette jewellery displays, ideal for organising and displaying jewellery professionally. The high-quality white leatherette of the simple and elegant displays is very durable and does not scratch easily.

Ring cones are perfect for displaying single rings, or a set of wedding rings. Because of the conical structure, larger rings will slide further down than smaller ones, allowing you to present both rings on one cone. The ring cones are slightly tilted, so your customers can see the surface of the bands.

Did you know?
All products Westpack supplies are subject to stringent quality checks before, during and after production. This means we can guarantee you, that these displays will not cause your jewellery to tarnish.

The displays are easy to clean with a damp, soft cloth. We advise against using detergents on the displays.

More Information
Weight:11 gram
Exterior dimensions:25 x 60 mm (0.98 x 2.36 in)
Pack size:1 pcs
Tested for tarnish

Westpack products do not contain tarnish-accelerating chemicals.

Westpack test for tarnish so your jewelry stays bright, shiny and tarnish-free for longer!

What is tarnish, what causes it and can you prevent it?