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Faux Suede Jewellery Pouch, Mini

100% Recycled plastic, Black Gift Bag
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The jewellery pouches are made from recycled plastic, also known as rPET. The pouches have a nice and soft surface, reminiscent of suede. The elegant drawstrings in matching colour are made from 100% recycled plastic too. It is almost impossible to tell that the jewellery pouches are made from recycled plastic.

Recycled plastic - along with Westpack's ECO brand, placed on one side of the jewellery pouches - shows your customers that you have a positive attitude towards eco-friendly packaging, and it sends a strong signal.

These soft jewellery pouches are perfect for storing or transporting jewels, jewellery, crystals and other small gifts.

For a small surcharge, we brand the faux suede jewellery pouches with your logo. Choose between two classic types of foil printing: metallic gold or silver.

Note: The colour and size can vary a bit from batch to batch.

More Information
Processing time:
With new logo: 8 - 9 working days
With existing logo: 5 - 6 working days
Without logo:1 working day
Standard logo size:28 x 25 mm.
Maximum logo size:35 x 35mm.
Weight:5 gram
Exterior dimensions:75 x 90 mm (2.95 x 3.54 in)
Pack size:50 pcs
Tested for tarnish

Westpack products do not contain tarnish-accelerating chemicals.

Westpack test for tarnish so your jewelry stays bright, shiny and tarnish-free for longer!

What is tarnish, what causes it and can you prevent it?

This product is labelled eco-friendly

ECO is Westpack's umbrella term for all products made from recycled plastic and FSC®-certified raw materials.

This product is made from recycled plastic

Instead of using new raw materials, existing plastic products are recycled.

The resulting environmental impact is therefore significantly lower.