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Cutlery roll 12 pcs, large


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  • Weight:71 gram
  • Exterior dimensions:270 x 640 mm (10.63 x 25.2 in)
  • Pack size:1 pcs
A soft, dark green fabric roll for the storage of 12 small pieces of silverware, such as serving spoons. The rolls are chemically treated to prevent the silverware from tarnishing.

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Tarnish-Free Products

Tarnish-Free Products
Westpack products do not contain tarnish-accelerating chemicals.
Use Westpack packaging and display material and keep your jewellery bright, shiny, and tarnish-free for longer!

What is tarnish, what causes it and can you prevent it?
Read our blog about tarnish and find out! 

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Cutlery roll 12 pcs, large Green 270 x 640
  • Cutlery roll 12 pcs, large Green 270 x 640
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