Connoisseurs Jewellery Cleaning

Connoisseurs: more than just a polishing product. Connoisseurs offer a care package for your jewellery because jewellery is more fun when it sparkles.
Choose from cleaning fluids, polishing cloths, jewellery wipes or the famous Diamond Dazzle Stik and make your jewellery sparkle as if it were new.


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  1. For Sterling Silver Jewellery
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  2. For diamonds, unpacked
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  3. Connoisseurs Gold Jewellery Cloth
    350 x 275 mm. Polishing cloth, double with/withour impregnation
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  4. 75 x 95 mm. Polishing Wipes for Silver and Gold (25 pcs.)
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  5. For12 x Diamond Dazzle Stik + 3 Wipes
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  6. For 12 x Diamond Dazzle Stik
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