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Why Wooden Displays Are Outstanding

Now available: our wooden displays in dark stained wood. These new displays are simply gorgeous. Kirsten Petersen, marketing manager, gives you three tips on how to use them in your shop window.

When we meet Kirsten in her photo studio, she is busy experimenting with the different displays. Some of the displays are set aside, while others are ready to shine in front of the camera. Her goal is to shoot inspirational pictures and how-to videos of these gorgeous new displays. Kirsten has had her hands on almost all of the different stands and holders in this series, and shares three tips on how to use them.

#1: Utilise Diversity

The new displays are made from solid wood. As wood is an organic material, not two displays are completely alike. This is not necessarily a disadvantage though. You might find that diversity gives your showcase a natural and lively look. Plus, the natural grain of the wood is beautiful.

#2: Use the Presentation Set

Use this presentation set as the base for your showcase. The set provides you with both pedestals and a backsplash. The latter is fitted with an acrylic plate that sticks to the backsplash with strong magnets. Use this for advertisement, product information or decoration.

See the presentation set >

#3: Mix Materials and Colours

The new wood displays are great combined with the glossy white displays. Utilise this contrast to create a more interesting showcase. Use, for example, the glossy displays as a base, and add a few blocks in dark wood, to emphasise parts of your window display.

How to mix white and nature >

There are plenty of options for mixing different colours and textures. Include natural tones such as warm beige or brown, fresh colours such as green, or gold tones for a more luxurious look.

How to mix with gold >

Enjoy! Please share your photos with us on Instagram. Use #westpackdk. We love to see how you use your displays.

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